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The secret of the Jack The Ripper is over 130 years old.

The first and most famous serial killer who committed some of the most horrible crimes in the whole history of mankind has never been discovered. Everyone knows that killer of the poor prostitutes in White Chappel – the dark and notorious London’s ghetto East End has never been discovered.

Scotland Yard and the London Police investigated this mystery for decades but never finished it. Just a few years ago, Russell Edwards, a businessman and an amateur detective from the UK, bought an item belonging to a murderer at a public auction. The original piece of clothes was found near one of his victims and has been useless so far. Edwards spent 14 years of his life, hired the world’s best forensics who DNA analysis after a long-standing investigation with 99 percent confidence revealed the mystery solution.

In this room, inspired by the cruel crimes of the killer from the hell itself and dedicated to innocent victims, you will know many of the long-hidden secrets about Jack the Ripper, you will find out who his victims were, when and where horrible crimes were committed, who were all of the suspects, and how Scotland Yard did focus at only six of them. If you solve all of the riddles, you will find who was Jack the Ripper.

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